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English Bulldog Pet Insurance

Also known as the British Bulldog

English Bulldog
English Bulldog

In the 5th century, English bulldogs were more similar to mastiffs than their modern cousins are today. By the 15th century, the breed “Bold-dogge” gets its first mention. These early dogs were large, ferocious, and heavy, reaching 100-115lb in weight and used as working dogs to herd larger livestock such as horses, cattle, and boars. However, their valor soon led to them being used for “bull-baiting”. This so-called sport involved the bull-dog biting the bull’s nose, and corkscrewing over until the bull was twisted off his feet. In the 19th century, bull-baiting was banned, and the breed dwindled, both in numbers and size. The remaining dogs were bred to be smaller and more docile, and now make amiable pets. The modern English bulldog breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1886.

English Bulldog Health: Do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

The bulldog’s squashed-face means he is prone to breathing difficulties. The skull is shortened, whilst his tongue, tonsils, and soft palate are a regular size. This is like squeezing a quart into a pint pot and makes it difficult for him to breath. Many bulldogs need corrective surgery to open their airway and prevent them suffocating. Treatment requires specialist nursing facilities, and insurance is a great investment in your bulldog’s health.
Bulldogs are also prone to skin fold dermatitis. The deep folds around the tail, vulva, and forehead are a warm, moist environment which bacteria love. This needs regular treatment with topical medication or courses of antibiotics.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• Bulldogs suffer from cysts between their toes as a result of ingrowing hairs. This condition can be painful and require medical, or even surgical, treatment.

• Because of their breathing difficulties, bulldogs find it hard to cope with heat and are at increased risk of needing treatment for heat stroke.

• Their disproportionally large heads mean a high proportion of bulldogs are born via caesarian section.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

Select a pet to learn more about specific breed.

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