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Pet insurance won't cover costs for any condition that your pet showed signs of before the start date of the policy. (Medical records or a vet exam might be required to establish your pet's health). But, pet insurance will cover new conditions and accidents. Also, all the pet insurance plans here will cover conditions that your pet might have been born with but haven't showed up yet. These are called hereditary or congenital conditions. So it's still important to get covered!

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Pet Insurance in Florida

We understand that your pet has become a member of the family. Pet insurance can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared to give them the best health care possible. Pet insurance in Florida provides affordable and flexible plans to fit your pet’s needs and your budget. Our goal is to provide you with the area-specific health risks and concerns to dogs and cats in Florida. Understanding these health risks can help you make an informed decision about the right pet insurance plan for you and your pet.

Florida Pet Insurance

Pet Health in Florida

*This is a general guideline. You should always consult your veterinarian to determine which vaccinations are the best for your pet and the frequency of those vaccinations, especially if your pet has any health conditions.

The geographical conditions and climate in Florida can affect your pet’s health. Florida’s warm and sunny climate not only puts animals at a higher risk of heat related problems, it also allows for more area specific health risks. For example, pets living in Florida are more commonly diagnosed with fleas and tapeworms (typically caused by fleas). Cats in Florida are also at a higher risk of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. FIV, very similar to HIV in humans, is a virus that is spread through the close contact of an infected cat and can be very serious (especially among kittens). Fortunately, these common health conditions among dogs and cats in Delaware are preventable and/or treatable through routine veterinary care and pet insurance can help protect you and your pet from the increasing cost of health care associated with these illnesses.

Other Health Risks in Florida

Florida’s high temperatures, sunny weather, and toxic wildlife may cause some unique health risks to your pet. Many of health risks are preventable or treatable with proper, timely health care. However, the cost of emergency veterinary care can be very expensive – for example, treating a dog for a snake bite can cost over $1,000. However, 80-percent of dogs survive venomous snake bites if they get to a vet straight away. In these cases pet insurance could save your pet’s life.

◦   Florida has a lot of dangerous local wildlife that can be dangerous for dogs and cats, such as venomous snakes, alligators and buffalo toads. These toads are highly toxic and some curious dogs will swallow them whole!
◦   The plant life in Florida is particularly hazardous as well, with large amounts of Oleander, Nightshade and Lilies all found throughout the state, and which can all be potentially fatal if eaten by pets.
◦   High levels of blue-green algae in swamp areas can be toxic to dogs.
◦   The high heat and humidity in Florida can lead to dehydration and heatstroke in dogs who are not bred for, or used to, the heat. Dogs should never be left alone in cars and should always have access to clean, cool drinking water.
◦   The cost of vet bills are very expensive when compared to pet insurance in Florida.

Pet Insurance in Florida

Pet insurance in Florida can help protect your dog or cat from the common health problems noted above by alleviating the rising cost of veterinary care. Florida pet insurance plans are typically flexible, designed to meet you and your pet’s individual needs. Most of these plans cover accidents and illnesses. In addition to this coverage, Florida pet owners may want to consider adding a wellness plan (also known as routine care coverage). As mentioned above, many of the common health conditions among pets in Florida are preventable through routine health care and a wellness plan will provide coverage for the preventative care your pet needs. These wellness plans typically provide coverage for:

◦   Vaccinations
◦   Flea, tick and heartworm control
◦   Dental cleanings
◦   De-worming
◦   Wellness exams and more

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