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Pet insurance won't cover costs for any condition that your pet showed signs of before the start date of the policy. (Medical records or a vet exam might be required to establish your pet's health). But, pet insurance will cover new conditions and accidents. Also, all the pet insurance plans here will cover conditions that your pet might have been born with but haven't showed up yet. These are called hereditary or congenital conditions. So it's still important to get covered!

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PetPlan USA

PetPlan USA is a pet insurance provider that offers more than just the usual pet insurance offered by most companies. Wide-ranging, comprehensive plans that cover both conventional and alternative health care make PetPlan one of the most trusted pet insurance providers nationwide.


Insurance Underwriter: AGCS Marine Insurance Company, a member of the Allianz Group
A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
Customizable Plans: yes
Deductible Type: Per illness/injury per policy period
Maximum Payout per Incident: unlimited
Maximum Payout per Year: plan options – $10,000, $14,000, or $22,000
Maximum Lifetime Payout: unlimited
Reimbursement Based Upon: Actual veterinary bill
Waiting Period: accidents – 24 hours; illnesses- 14 days; cruciate ligament injuries – 6 months
Lifetime Coverage Available: yes
Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Available: no
Alternative Therapies Coverage Available: yes
Behavioral Treatment Coverage Available: yes (covers consultations with a licensed veterinarian to diagnose and treat behavioral problems where an underlying medical condition is the cause of the behavioral issues)
Discounts Available: service animals, veterinary professionals, insuring more than multiple pets, and more
May vary by state 

Plan Details

PetPlan was voted one of Forbe’s Magazine’s Most Promising Companies 2014, making them one of the nation’s most well known pet insurance companies.

◦   Hassle-free quoting and application process
◦   A wide range of different plans and pricing to suit different needs and budgets
◦   Coverage of hereditary conditions in all breeds with no exceptions–-perfect for purebred dog breeds
◦   Plans which cover specialist and alternative pet care such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care
◦   Reimbursement levels up to 100%

All breeds are eligible for PetPlan’s comprehensive dog insurance. With a range of plans that can be customized to suit the individual needs of your pets, PetPlan is a top provider of cat insurance and dog insurance. They offer specific plans for cats and dogs with the following features:

◦   Three levels of coverage-–gold, silver and bronze-–to suit your individual budget
◦   Up to $22,000 in vet bills claimable per year
◦   Custom deductible and reimbursement level to fit any budget
◦   Coverage of a wide range of services from veterinary services to alternative therapy
◦   Customization of plans to include accident, illness, or both

Bronze Plan
This is the most affordable plan and also the most popular. 

◦   Annual limit – $10,000
◦   Accidents and injuries
◦   Illnesses
◦   Veterinary exam fee
◦   Diagnostic treatment
◦   Surgery
◦   Prescription medication
◦   Imaging (ultrasounds, MRI, and cat scans)
◦   Cancer treatment
◦   Dental treatments (non-routine)
◦   Rehabilitation
◦   Alternative therapies
◦   Referral and specialist treatment
◦   Behavioral therapies

Silver Plan
This plan provides all of the coverage and benefits of the Bronze plan with an increased annual limit and a few additional benefits.

◦   Annual limit – $10,000
◦   All benefits and coverage of the Bronze plan
◦   Boarding kennel fees
◦   Advertising and reward costs
◦   Loss due to theft or straying

Gold Plan

This is the highest level of coverage available. The Gold plan provides the same coverage and benefits as the Bronze and Silver plans with a higher limit and a few additional benefits.

◦  Annual limit – $22,000
◦  All benefits and coverage of the Bronze and Silver plans
◦  Death from injury or illness
◦  Any travel and accommodation expenses you cannot recover if you have to cancel or cut short a vacation because your pet is injured, or shows the first signs of an illness while you are away and as a result, requires immediate life-saving veterinary treatment


Wellness & Routine Care Coverage

PetPlan does not offer coverage for wellness or routine care.

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