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The team at Pet-Insurance.org is comprised of passionate pet owners and insurance specialists. After spending thousands of dollars to help save a beloved pet, we felt the pain that too many people experience–the rising cost of veterinary care. Pet insurance can help alleviate that cost by providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that you can provide your pet with the care they need.

Unfortunately, the process of researching and purchasing pet insurance is often confusing and time-consuming. At Pet-Insurance.org, we strive to make the process of selecting pet insurance simple and easy. We aim to help each pet owner find a pet insurance plan tailored to fit both their needs and the needs of their pet.

Our mission is to eliminate the surrender and euthanasia of animals whose lives can be saved with the right veterinary treatment. We are an independent organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource and to help you navigate the options available through our online quoting platform. We also offer telephone support if you would prefer to speak to someone, or have any additional questions.

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