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Pet insurance won't cover costs for any condition that your pet showed signs of before the start date of the policy. (Medical records or a vet exam might be required to establish your pet's health). But, pet insurance will cover new conditions and accidents. Also, all the pet insurance plans here will cover conditions that your pet might have been born with but haven't showed up yet. These are called hereditary or congenital conditions. So it's still important to get covered!

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VetCare Health

VetCare Health provides customizable pet insurance plans that can be tailored to fit your individual needs.


Insurance Underwriter: Lyndon Southern Insurance Company in most states. In CA, products are underwritten by Response Indemnity Company of California. In GA, products are underwritten by Insurance Company of the South. These insurance companies are trademarks of Fortegra Financial, Inc.
A.M. Best Rating: Lyndon Southern Insurance Company:  B++ (Good)
Customizable Plans: yes
Deductible Type: annual
Maximum Payout per Incident: $3,000 per incident and $3,000 per illness
Maximum Payout per Year: $12,000
Maximum Lifetime Payout: unlimited
Waiting Period: Coverage begins 3 days after policy for accidents, 21 days for illnesses, and no waiting period for Wellness and Preventative coverage.
Maximum Age to Enroll: 13 years for dogs and 15 years for cats
Lifetime Coverage Available:
Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Available: yes (optional)
Alternative Therapies Coverage Available: yes
Behavioral Treatment Coverage Available: no
These features may vary by state. 

Plan Details

Benefits of VetCare Health:

◦   One core plan with customized features to fit your needs
◦   Up to 90% reimbursement
◦   Affordable coverage options
◦   Low annual deductibles

One Core Pet Insurance Plan

VetCare Health offers one core plan that is customizable to meet your individual needs. VetCare Health allows you to choose your own annual deductible and reimbursement level. The benefits of the core plan include:

◦ Veterinary exam
◦ Prescription medications
◦ Diagnostic procedures
◦ MRI, CT scans, and X-rays
◦ Hospitalization
◦ Emergency Vet visits
◦ Lab tests
◦ Surgeries
◦ Accidental death
◦ Alternative medicine

Annual Limit: $12,000
Accidental Injury Limit: $3,000 per incident, lifetime maximum
Illness Limit: $3,000 per illness per year
Annual Deductible Options: $100, $200, $300, $400, or $500
Reimbursement Level Options: 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%,80%, 85%, or 90%

Additional Coverage Options:

The following riders are available as additional coverage that can be added to the core plan at an additional price.

Boarding & Kenneling
This provides coverage for Boarding and Kenneling in the event your house becomes uninhabitable due to unforeseen circumstances or if you are hospitalized beyond the minimum stay requirement.

◦  Approximate additional cost: $1.88 per month
◦  Maximum coverage: $50 per day for 5 days

Hereditary & Congenital 
Hereditary and congenital conditions are not covered in the core plan. You can add on a hereditary and congentital rider to receive coverage for inherited and congental conditions and their secondary conditiosn. VetCare Health has included hip dysplasia in this rider. The Hereditary & Congenital rider includes coverage for:

◦  Exams
◦  Diagnostic procedures: laboratory tests, MRIs, CAT scans, X-rays
◦  Prescription medications
◦  Surgeries
◦  Hospitalization
◦  Euthanasia and attendant anesthesia
◦  Cremation or burial expenses
◦  Alternative medicine

When added to your policy, this benefit becomes part of the core plan; there are no separate deductibles or waiting periods.

Wellness Care
The Wellness Care endorsement covers routine, recommended veterinary care for your pet. This endorsement reimburses you for the actual cost you pay for the following services each policy period:

◦  One wellness exam
◦  Two fecal exams
◦  Intestinal deworming
◦  Two heartworm tests
◦  Approximate additional cost: $17 per month

Preventative Care
The Preventative Care rider provides coverage for preventative treatment including:
◦  Flea and tick prevention medication for 1 year
◦  Prescription medications for illness prevention
◦  Dietary food and vitamins prescribed by a veterinarian
◦  Spay or Neuter
◦  For dogs, the following vaccines and boosters:
– Adenovirus
– Bordetella
– Distemper
– Coronavirus
– Leptospirosis
– Lyme
– Parainfluenza
– Parvovirus
– Rabies
– Rattlesnake
– Influenza

◦  For cats, the following vaccines and boosters:
– Feline Leukemia
– Panleukopenia
– Rhinotracheitis
– Calicivirus
– Chlamydiosis
– Rabies
– Influenza

*Titers can be used in place of any of the named vaccines, however, if the results of the titer show the need for vaccination, there are no additional benefits available.

◦  Approximate additional cost: $55 per month

Find out which pet insurance plan is right for you and your pet and receive a free quote by completing the form at the top of the page.