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Pet insurance won't cover costs for any condition that your pet showed signs of before the start date of the policy. (Medical records or a vet exam might be required to establish your pet's health). But, pet insurance will cover new conditions and accidents. Also, all the pet insurance plans here will cover conditions that your pet might have been born with but haven't showed up yet. These are called hereditary or congenital conditions. So it's still important to get covered!

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Figo Pet Insurance

Figo Pet Insurance believes in providing pets and their families with insurance when they need it and technology along the way. In fact, Figo is the first cloud-based pet insurance company, allowing you to manage your pet’s life in a new and easy way.


Insurance Underwriter: Markel American Insurance Company
A.M. Best Rating: A (Excellent)
Customizable Plans: yes
Deductible Type: annual
Maximum Payout per Incident: No maximum payout per incident.  Figo will reimburse up to your maximum annual benefit based on your coverage chosen plan.
Maximum Payout per Year: varies by plan (unlimited, $14,000 or $10,000)
Maximum Lifetime Payout: unlimited
Waiting Period: Five days for accidents and 14 day waiting period for illnesses. This cannot be waived unless you have purchased your policy using a Veterinary, Shelter or Humane Society partner and your pet is examined within 48 hours preceding purchase. For crutiates and patellas (knees), there is also a 6-month waiting. However, if your pet is examined by a veterinarian within the first 30 days of the policy and the medical record specifically note that your pet does not have any pre-existing conditions relating to its knees, the 6-month exclusion will not apply.
Age Requirement to Enroll: Dogs and cats must be at least 6 weeks old. There are no upper age limits, however, if you are renewing a policy for a dog that is 8 years or older or a cat that is 10 years or older, Figo asks that you follow your veterinarian’s advice with regard to senior wellness testing.
Lifetime Coverage Available: yes
Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Available: no
Alternative Therapies Coverage Available: yes, holistic and alternative therapies are covered if performed by a licensed veterinarian and part of a covered treatment for injury or illness.
Behavioral Treatment Coverage Available: yes, the maximum benefit that will be paid out for consultations by a veterinarian to diagnose and treat behavioral problems is subject to the policy plan chosen (see plan details below)

These features may vary by state. 

Plan Details

Benefits of Figo Pet Insurance:
– The first cloud-based pet insurance company with simple and affordable plans
– Their industry first Pet Cloud gives you easy access to vets, medical records and more
– Pain-free claims. Great mobile app that makes claims super simple

Plan coverage:
◦ Annual veterinary fees
◦ Veterinary exam
◦ Emergency and hospitalization
◦ Surgeries
◦ Prescription medication
◦ Advanced cancer treatments
◦ Hereditary, Congenital, and Chronic conditions
◦ Diagnostic testing including X rays, MRIs, Cat Scans, and Ultrasounds
◦ Knee Conditions (such as ACL)
◦ Hip Dysplasia
◦ Rehabilitation
◦ Injury or illness related dental treatments
◦ Holistic and alternative therapies
◦ Prosthetic and orthotic devices
◦ Co-pay and deductible waived for immediate, life-saving treatment
◦ Euthanasia

Figo offers three different plans so that you can choose which one is right for you and your pet, all plans cover the treatments listed above.

1) Essential Plan:
Annual limit: $10,000
◦ Behavioral Problems: $250

2) Preferred Plan:
Annual limit: $14,000
◦ Behavioral problems: $500
◦ Emergency boarding fees: $250
◦ Lost pet advertising and reward: $250
◦ Lost pet due to theft or straying: $250

3) Ultimate Plan:
Annual limit: unlimited
◦ Behavioral problems: $1,000
◦ Emergency boarding fees: $500
◦ Lost pet advertising and reward: $500
◦ Lost pet due to theft or straying: $500
◦ Emergency vacation cancellation: $1,000
◦ Unexpected death from illness or injury: $1,000

Customize your plan
All three plans allow you to choose your desired level of reimbursement and annual deductible:
Deductible options: $50, $100, $200, or $500
Reimbursement level options: 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100%

The Pet Cloud
Managing your pet’s life is easy with the first ever pet cloud. In addition to the above benefits, Figo also provides a pet cloud to easily manage your pet’s health, including the ability to:

◦  Upload and send documents (like medical records)
◦  Share pet information with anyone
◦  Easily file a claim
◦  Automatically sync the information to ensure that you have what you need at any time
◦  Free pet tag with unique id allows you to reunite with your lost pet using your pet’s profile (which you create)
◦  If your pet is lost, the entire family receives a group text

Wellness / Preventative Care

Figo does not provide coverage for wellness / routine health care.

Find out which pet insurance plan is right for you and your pet and receive a free quote here