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Birman Cat Pet Insurance


These handsome white cats with colored points and startling blue eyes have a long and illustrious history. Legend has it they once were yellow-eyed, pure white cats, who kept the priests of a Burmese monastery company while they watched over the temple of a blue-eyed goddess. However, one evening whilst a priest was praying to the goddess, he was set upon and killed by invaders. The angry cat leapt to the priest’s side and stood protectively over his body, seeing off the attackers. The goddess was so touched by cat’s loyalty she changed his eyes to blue and colored his feet, but left his toes white as a sign of purity.

Birman Health: Why do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

Birman cats are one of the breeds most likely to be treated for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). This infection affects cats in their first one or two years of life and causes fluid to leak out of the circulation into body cavities. Whilst there is no cure for FIP, some cases respond well to interferon therapy, although the latter is very expensive, so the right insurance cover is very helpful.

Birmans may also suffer from a couple of conditions that affect the surface of the eye; skin may grow on the cornea or indeed the cornea becomes devitalized and dies back. If caught in the early stages, both conditions are treatable by a veterinary ophthalmic specialist.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• Young Birman cats can suffer from a progressive loss of feeling in their limbs. These cats may at first appear clumsy, but over time it becomes clear they are not able to walk properly. Other (treatable) problems need to be ruled out, and the diagnosis is most commonly made on an MRI scan.

• It is perhaps ironic for a breed known for her beautiful soft coat, but Birmans can suffer from a genetic condition that codes for baldness in some kittens.

• The Birmans’ silky fur benefits from regular brushing to keep it knot and tangle free. If neglected, the coat can matt together and in extreme cases form a solid shell that needs to be shaved off by a vet tech.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

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