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Yorkshire Terrier Pet Insurance

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier originated in England as a ratting dog used to help with vermin control in the mills of Northern England. It was developed by crossing a number of varieties of Scottish terriers until the ideal mill dog was created. The Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie as it is commonly known, was selectively bred down in size as it became popular as a companion dog. Yorkshire terrier was originally an umbrella term for a number of long-coated terriers hailing from that region of England but once they became popular as show dogs, a breed standard was soon developed. The Yorkshire terrier first arrived in the United States in 1872 and is now one of the most popular dogs in the country.

Yorkshire Terrier Health: Do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

Yorkshire terriers although generally healthy are considered high risk for a large variety of conditions. In particular they can suffer from luxating patellas where the knee cap doesn’t stay in the correct position, treatment may require surgery depending on the severity of the condition. Studies have shown that your pet is up to twenty percent more likely to rupture their cranial cruciate ligament if they suffer from luxating patellas. The right insurance can help with these costs but it’s important to find a policy that doesn’t exclude these conditions.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• Yorkshire terriers have been known to suffer from Leg-Calve-Perthes disease that requires surgery on the affected joints.

• They are prone to hypothyroidism, which requires ongoing treatment for your pet to stay healthy.

• The smallest Yorkies are extremely susceptible to hypoglycemia.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

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