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Toy Poodle Pet Insurance


The toy poodle is thought to be the result of breeding larger poodles (of which the standard is the oldest) with Maltese terriers. This characterful dog was especially popular in 18th century France and featured in many portraits of French nobility. Whilst at court the grand ladies hid their toy poodles in the sleeves of their extravagant gowns in order to keep them close.
The intelligence of these clever little dogs should not be underestimated. They are said to be the fore-runner of truffle hunting dog, with their keen nose and quick wits, they learnt to scrape the ground to guide their master to a nearby truffle.

Toy Poodle Health: Do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

Although toy poodles have a long life span, they may be afflicted with health problems. Many of these issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and Cushing’s disease are treatable, which makes taking out insurance in a young animal a wise decision.
Toy poodles suffer from a common heart disease caused by thickened heart valves. However, don’t despair because many clinics have a clinician skilled at heart scans, and many effective heart medications are available which can prolong your pet’s life.
Also, the symptoms of Cushing’s disease can be mistaken for ageing, but with proper diagnostic tests and treatment, your toy poodle can regain something of his lost youth.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• Toy poodles are more likely than some breeds to get infected anal glands and need treatment with antibiotics, plus regular trips to the vet to have the glands expressed.

• Diabetes is another common condition that is treatable with insulin injections. Protect yourself against the ongoing cost of consumables (needles and syringes), drugs (insulin), and monitoring (regular blood tests) by taking out pet insurance.

• Young toy poodles can be affected by a poor blood supply to the hip joint. This causes the head of the thighbone not to grow properly, which causes pain and lameness. The treatment is surgical removal of the femoral head, after which your pet should be able to lead a full and active life.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

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