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Ragdoll Cat Pet Insurance


The Ragdoll’s large size and cuddly, placid temperament mark it out as a distinctive breed. The Ragdoll breed is relatively young, with its origins in the 1960s.
Anne Baker produced the fore-runners of the Ragdoll when she bred her white Angora/ Persian type cat, Josephine, with a neighbor’s cat described as being “a sacred cat of Burma”. This mating produced litters of unusually placid kittens, with long fur and Birman type pointing on their coats. Indeed, the foundation stock for all Ragdolls came from just four of Anne’s cats: Josephine, Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, and Buckwheat.
This breed gets its name from its tendency to go limp in your arms when picked up, and is truly a gentle giant amongst cats.

Ragdoll Health: Why do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

Any breed of cat may potentially develop bladder stones, but Ragdolls are at increased risk. Their digestive processes combine with minerals in their diet, such as phosphate, magnesium, or calcium, and causes them to clump together in the bladder and form stones. When the cat urinates if a stone is washed into the urethra, it may cause a life-threatening blockage, which requires emergency treatment. The cat needs a urinary catheter placed, and a diagnostic work-up to identify risk factors such as a urinary infection. Often the patient needs to spend several days in the veterinary hospital and so pet insurance gives you the peace of mind to say “yes” to the highest standard of care.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• Sadly, Ragdolls are more likely than other cats to suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a serious form of heart disease that affects young animals.

• Ragdolls are well known for their placid nature, but sadly this can get them into trouble. Their laid-back attitude also applies to crossing roads, which can result in accidents.

• Statistically, Ragdolls are one of the most common breeds of cat diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

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