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Bombay Cat Pet Insurance


This breed is the result of a recent deliberate breeding program to produce a small, panther-like cat, and despite its name the Bombay cat has no connection to the port of Bombay, India. The foundation breeding stock was black American Shorthair cats or black domestic shorthairs, mated with sable Burmese cats.
Creating the Bombay breed was the project of a Kentucky resident, Nikki Horner, who in the 1950s wanted to create a compact, muscular black cat with a friendly disposition. The result of her efforts are modern Bombay cats which have a reputation for being excellent with children due to their easy-going character and inexhaustible love of play.

Bombay Health: Why do they Need a Pet Insurance Plan?

The Bombay is generally a healthy breed with the one exception of an increased tendency towards serious heart disease. This is a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart wall muscle which prevents it from pumping properly. Symptoms include panting through the mouth and rapid breathing at rest. Sadly, this hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is not age related and affects young cats as well as the old. Diagnosis involves a blood test looking for signs of heart muscle distress, followed by a cardiac ultrasound scan. Excellent treatments are available but at their best they delay deterioration, rather than cure the problem. Potential ongoing costs make insurance from kitten-hood a wise decision for any Bombay owner.

Other Insurance Considerations:

• The Bombay has a slightly flatter nose stop (snub nose) than other breeds. This can lead to breathing problems and a tendency to suffer from snuffles and sneezes, which may need veterinary treatment.

• Again, the Bombay’s flat nose has the effect of compressing the tear ducts that drain the eyes. This results in tears spilling over and down the cheeks, which can lead to soreness and skin infections on the face.

• Breeders need to be aware of the condition called Burmese head defect, which requires affected kittens to be euthanized.

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Pet Insurance By Breed

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